On the Road to Senegal


Orientation material will be provided to each student before departing for Senegal. There will also be orientation sessions before the start of classes to help introduce students to the country, to their host families, and to the program.


Students participating in The Dakar Institute Summer Program will have the opportunity to live with host families.  This opportunity will help students experience life in a Senegalese home. Students will be placed in families with experience hosting study abroad students.

Health and Security Issues

There are particularly low levels of crime and violence in Dakar and even less so in other Senegalese cities and rural areas, limited mostly to petty theft. Dakar is however a big city with big city problems. Participants will receive security orientations during their first week in Senegal to help them avoid high-risk areas, situations, and behaviors, as well as an orientation on local laws that must be followed.

At the end of the selection process, students will receive important information on medical and security issues and on international travel. A more in-depth orientation  will take place during the first week in Senegal.

Students will be referred to local English speaking doctors in case of illness. All students should be covered by international health insurance, including evacuation insurance during the duration of their program. Please contact your physician for information on the immunizations recommended for travel to Senegal.

The Dakar Institute Summer Program has a regularly updated crisis management plan used to coordinate action in times of emergency.

For more information about security, please click here !


American students are no longer required to have a visa in order to enter Senegal. Other non-African nationals should check with the Senegalese Embassy closest to them. Those students who are required to have a visa can pre-enroll for the visa online and finalize their application at the Dakar airport or can apply and receive the visa from any Senegalese Embassy. Information in the U.S. on entry requirements can be found at the Embassy of Senegal, 2031 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009, telephone (202) 234- 0540. For further questions please contact DIAS at contact@thedakarinstitute.com.