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Final Excursion to Joal

This weekend the DIAS group went to a bunch of new places on our final exploration of Senegal. First we stopped at Lac Rose, the pink lake. Although the water isn’t as pink now since people are taking the salt Learn more

Do’s and Don’ts in Dakar

“Going to a new country on a continent you may have not visited before can be overwhelming. There’s so much to see, do, eat, and explore while still trying to understand a new culture. That’s why I’ve created this basic Learn more


Korité is the celebration after the 30 days of fasting that Muslim families take part in during Ramadan. This month is regarded as on of the five Pillars of Islam and dates depend on the visual sighting of the crescent Learn more

St. Louis

St. Louis, which the students have so far dubbed their “favorite part of the trip” was a huge success for the Dakar Institute of African Studies. In just two and a half short days the professors and students managed to see Learn more

Goree Island

Goree Island is not a place you want to describe as beautiful given its history with the Atlantic slave trade, and yet when you’re looking at the deep blue waters, clear skies, and vibrant architecture that’s exactly what you think. Learn more
Bienvenue au Sénégal

Bienvenue au Sénégal

Le Sénégal est un pays qui ne laisse personne indifférent. Sa culture, sa musique, son art culinaire rendent compte de l’âme de ce pays, de sa générosité mais aussi de sa complexité. Chaque région, ville ou quartier de ce pays Learn more